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The Meeter Center for Calvin Studies is a special collection in the Hekman Library devoted to the study of John Calvin and the Protestant Reformation. It collects materials in multiple formats and languages written both by and about Calvin. It is the 2nd largest collection in the world devoted to Calvin studies. 

Here are some of the most popular questions that are asked about the Meeter Center along with their answers:

  • Q: What's the difference between the Meeter Center and Heritage Hall? A: The Meeter Center is dedicated to the life and work of John Calvin and the Protestant Reformation, and Heritage Hall (which includes the Archives) is focused on the history of the Dutch in west Michigan and the history of the university, seminary, and CRC denomination. (We recommend that you read our entry on Heritage Hall to learn more).
  • Q: Where is the Meeter Center Lecture Hall? Is that the same as the Meeter Center or somewhere different? A: They are not the same. The lecture hall is located below the Meeter Center and is used primarily for talks and presentations. The Meeter Center is a special collection, but it can also be used as a space for presentations. It is on the library's 4th floor, while the lecture hall is on the 2nd floor off the main library lobby.
  • Q: Where is the closest restroom to the Meeter Center? A: It's just outside the main entrance to the center. 
  • Q: Can the Meeter Center books be checked out? A: No. Books must remain in the center.
  • Q: What is the oldest book in the Meeter Center? A: John Calvin's first book printed in 1532 titled Annei Senecae, romani senatoris..., commonly referred to as De Clementia by Seneca


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